The Efficient Guide to Upsizing Your Home as an Entrepreneur

The Efficient Guide to Upsizing Your Home as an Entrepreneur

Are you feeling cramped working from home with a growing business (or family)? Is it becoming stressful trying to juggle your business tasks with your personal life? If so, it might be time to purchase a larger home to accommodate your work and family. Mason Kiffmeyer discusses the benefits of moving into a bigger house and provides tips for making the transition smoother!

Build a Website for Your New Business

The first step in upsizing your home is to create a website that sets your new business apart from the competition. Remember that this will be your online storefront, so it needs to convey professionalism, trustworthiness, and expertise! 

If possible, hire a web designer or development expert to build a site that looks polished and is easy to navigate. Make sure all the pages are optimized for search engines and include contact information so customers can easily find you.

Incorporating infographics into your website design is a fantastic strategy for standing out to potential customers. They add visual appeal while helping readers quickly digest key information. You can try this infographic tool for free to quickly design eye-catching graphics!

Get an LLC

Another task to knock out sooner than later is forming an LLC for your home business, which can protect both your personal and business assets. The process for forming an LLC may vary depending on the state, but there are many online resources to guide you through the steps.

You can register your business on your own or use an attorney (if you have the budget). That said, some entrepreneurs go through a service for a simpler and less expensive process.

Establish a Budget 

Lastly, establishing a budget for your new home purchase and start-up costs is crucial to ensure success in both areas. List every possible expense as you create your budget, and remember to leave room for unexpected expenses. You’ll also want to set aside enough savings in case something goes wrong down the line.

Find an Experienced Realtor

Once you’ve handled your business tasks and created a budget for purchasing a larger home, finding the right realtor can make all the difference. Look for someone like Mason Kiffmeyer who has experience helping entrepreneurs find homes that fit their unique needs and budgets. Your agent should also be knowledgeable about local zoning regulations and restrictions, as well as any incentives or financing options that might apply to your situation.

Determine the Best Location 

Your next step is to determine precisely where you want your business and family to relocate – ideally somewhere with plenty of foot traffic or visibility near other businesses or services related to yours. The area should also be safe and offer access to good schools and amenities. Do your homework and research these factors thoroughly before making a decision about where your company and family should call home.

Choose a Low-Maintenance Home

When it comes to choosing a specific house, think about how much time and energy you want to invest in maintenance. Consider the home’s size, layout, energy efficiency, maintenance and repair costs, and any other factors that will play a role in your daily life. And be sure to look into smart technology and other features that can reduce energy costs while boosting your home’s comfort and convenience!


You don’t have to become stressed out when upsizing your home to accommodate your business. Remember to handle all the necessary business tasks up front and develop a budget that guides your start-up and home search. Then, you’ll be ready to find a trustworthy realtor, research locations and properties, and select one that requires minimal maintenance. Keep the tips here in mind as you embark on your thrilling journey, and remember to believe in yourself at every turn!

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