Investment Properties in Lynchburg

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or looking to buy an investment property for the first time, working with a real estate agent who also owns investment properties in the area can support your success. My direct, personal experience in this market aids in what I have to offer as a Realtor. Not only am I frequently engaged with investors, but I also own investment properties and will continue to invest in this market moving forward.

Long-Term Rental Properties

Looking for a steady rental property to generate positive cash flow and passive income? I am experienced at analyzing return on investment and know which houses and areas in Lynchburg to consider based on your needs. We will consider cash flow, the “1% rule”, and long-term appreciation when evaluating homes and current rent rates.

Whether you plan to rent to students, families, or register your house with the Section 8 Voucher Program, I can guide you through each step of the process and promote your financial success! For first-time investment property owners, I can also share tips and tricks to being a successful and appreciated landlord in Lynchburg.

Short-Term and Mid-Term Rental Properties

Lynchburg has proven to be a great market for shorter-term, furnished rentals. Demand is driven by the 5 local colleges, traveling and contract workers, and site-seeing visitors as well. I personally invest in short-term rentals and am eager to assist other individuals in capitalizing on this market.

If you are looking to invest but do not live locally in Lynchburg, I can connect you with top-tier property managers and cleaning teams to meet the needs of your investment. Whether investing from near or far, we can coordinate strategically and discuss the options that are going to maximize your returns and minimize your stress.

Fix and Flip Properties

Looking for a property to renovate and sell? We can look at current market data and also identify potential distressed sellers to achieve a favorable purchase price in order to maximize profit. Before your renovation even hits the market, I can share information with prospective buyers looking for a low-maintenance home.

Lynchburg is seeing a lot of revitalization and continues to grow – come be a part of the action today!

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Realtor in Lynchburg Mason Kiffmeyer