Gold Tier

$7,000 Flat Fee Listing

Gold Tier Listing Overview

Think you need to pay your listing agent a 3% commission to receive top-tier service? Think again. For a reasonable $7,000 flat fee, your listing will wow buyers and stand out among other listings. This is real estate done right.

How Much Will You Save?

Compare the cost savings of selling your home with Mason versus other agents:

By listing with Mason, you could save:

*Savings compared to a 6% commission fee

Is the Gold Tier Right for You?

Before the inception of the tier based listing system, the Gold Tier is how I listed every property. It is based on a level of service that is designed to be superior to other listings, ensuring that your home stands out and wows buyers.

The tier represents the best combination of essential listing services that I know exist brought together at a staggering price of just $7,000. In addition to what other agents would deem essential, the Gold Tier also includes social media advertising that reaches ~15,000 people locally and a slew of print marketing materials to propel the sale. The Gold Tier is what you would imagine from a top Lynchburg Realtor.

What is Different in the Platinum Tier?

The Platinum Tier takes all of the essential components of the Gold Tier and greatly expands on the marketing effort to promote the best possible sale result for the seller. While the Gold Tier is designed as a comprehensive and affordable option for home sellers, the Platinum Tier takes the marketing to new heights that exceed what any other real estate agent is doing in this area.

The Gold Tier is designed to be an exceptional listing option for any seller, while the Platinum Tier is designed for those sellers willing to invest more in their sale to attract even more potential buyers through additional marketing.

Real Estate Done Right

I would love the opportunity to be interviewed for the job

Gold Tier Services

Professional Photography

Perhaps the most basic service of any legitimate Realtor, professional photography is essential to sell your home for top dollar.

But there is more that goes into it than just hiring a professional. Not every photographer shoots properties the same way. Depending on the real estate agent you hire, your listings photos may come out looking one of three different ways – see below:

Real Estate Agents Using Their Phone
Other Professional Photographers
Mason's Professional Photographer

If you are talking to an agent who is planning to take photos with their phone, I would question the legitimacy of their service in representing you.

However, even many agents in our area have photos that look like the center image above. While a clean shot, it is dark, shadowy, and taken quickly with minimal editing.

The final image is from my photographer, Jacob Reed. He utilizes HDR to capture 3 images at different exposures, and then unlike any other photographer I know in Lynchburg, he skillfully uses a flash to capture an additional 3 to 7 images that all go into creating one final picture that optimizes brightness and saturation while keeping a realistic feel so prospective buyers know what to expect.

Jacob and I also have a great working relationship, so he is open to feedback if my clients think a particular photo doesn’t look right, comes off too bright, or if a slight edit in photoshop is needed to hide something personal, etc…

The photography I provide through Jacob will be an asset to your listing and will be the first step in making your house stand apart.

Immersive 3D Tour and Floorplan

To complement stellar listing photography, I also include an immersive 3D tour and floorplan in every listing. These tools give buyers a great sense of your home while viewing online and can be particularly beneficial to out-of-state buyers who may not feel confident offering on your home or taking the trip to see it in person with just a few listing photos to go off of.

To my knowledge, I am THE ONLY agent in the Greater Lynchburg area who utilizes this advanced method of 3D tour and floorplan capture. Unlike other agents, my floorplan allows buyers to click green dots that show them exactly where they are in the home and the direction in which the photo was taken.

Similarly, if a buyer is panning through the 3D tour, they can see exactly where the 3D scan was taken in the house and the angle they are looking at in real time. This is the most immersive, thorough 3D tour and floorplan technology currently available.

Attaching a this type of 3D tour to a listing on Zillow, which can populate to other listing sites, generates 37% more views and helps homes sell 14% faster on average (according to Zillow site analytics from 2021).

Professional Home Staging

Staging a home to list on the market looks different for every home. Some homes are vacant and may benefit from a full stage. Others may be fully furnished and only need some slight adjustments to really shine. Here are three different levels of staging depending on the home:

Existing Stage

An existing stage is for sellers who are occupying the home during the sales process. Since the home is already furnished, I work closely with the homeowner to discuss optimizing the existing setup. This involves decluttering, recommendations for moving furniture, decor, and other items, and freshening up the space to be most appealing to buyers.

Partial Stage

A partial stage involves brining in some furniture and decor to compliment the seller’s existing furnishings. This can be useful in situations where the homeowner has already begun to pack belongings and move stuff out of the house. A partial stage is also useful if the homeowner’s own furniture is not an ideal look for a certain space/room.

Full Stage

The full stage is for vacant homes that have no existing furniture. While some homes may appear best without furnishings, in most cases a full stage will help the home to sell faster and overall appeal to more buyers.

A few past stages

As an essential listing service, I provide any level of staging with all three of my listing tiers. I collaborate with three different interior designers in Lynchburg who can advise on partial stages and can supply and setup the furniture for full stages. So no matter your situation and how your home looks, I will work tirelessly to ensure it looks its best when it comes time to list.

Print Marketing

The Listing Power Pack

Included in every listing tier is a slew of print marketing materials that I leverage to spread the word about your house. The listing power pack includes flyers, neighborhood reports, post cards, door hangers, business cards, thank you cards, a property specific yard sign, and more.

Some of these materials can be utilized at open houses so each prospective buyer walks away with something tangible to remember your house. I will make use of the other print materials to spread the word about your listing in your neighborhood and broader community.

The goal is to stay top of mind with prospective buyers or with other homeowners who may have a friend looking to purchase a home in their vicinity.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Social media advertising is a very cost effective way to put your listing in front of tens of thousands of people in the local community, ensuring that your listing is reaching the most eyes possible and driving more attention from buyers.

In the Gold Tier listing, my ads reach roughly 15,000 people within a 15 mile radius of your house with hundreds of clicks to learn more about the property on Zillow.

The Flat Fee Listing

A reasonable fee based on my service rather than the value of your home

Gold Tier

Wow Buyers and Stand Out Among Listings
$ 7,000
Flat Fee
  • Full Service, Professional Agent Representation
  • Professional Photography
  • Immersive 3D Tour and Floorplan
  • Professional Home Staging
  • Print Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising

Platinum Tier

The Whole Town Will Know About Your House
$ 9,500
Flat Fee
  • All Gold Tier Services
  • Pre-Listing Home Inspection
  • Property Highlight Video
  • 750 Direct Mailers Sent to Community
  • Listing Exposure Digital Campaign
  • Extended Social Media Advertising

Luxury Tier

Marketing to Match the Caliber of Your Home
$ 15,000
Flat Fee
  • All Platinum Tier Services
  • Multiple 1 Month Billboard Placements
  • Multi-State Broker Marketing
  • Luxury Digital Marketing Campaign
  • Placement on LPT Luxury Collection Website
  • Free Property Appraisal

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