Looking for a Cash Buyer to Purchase Your Property?

If you have a property in Lynchburg, Bedford County, Campbell County, or Amherst county and need a cash buyer, you have come to the right place. We buy houses fast and for cash in and around Lynchburg, VA. Not only do my partner and I pursue these types of real estate transactions all the time, but also if the property does not meet our criteria, we are well connected to a local Lynchburg network of real estate investors and cash buyers that could be the buyer for you.

The Benefits of Selling Your Property Off-Market for Cash

Selling your property to a cash investor is not for everyone, but for certain sellers, it is absolutely the best decision. Selling your home quickly for cash is generally helpful if:

  • You need to sell your home quickly
  • You want to prioritize a low-stress transaction
  • Your home needs a lot of renovation work and may not be attractive to sell to normal buyers
  • You do not live locally and simply need to offload the property easily
  • You do not want to worry about paying fees to realtors, title companies, and inspections

While cash offers come in at a fair price given the condition of the home and the work needed to repair it, you may be able to make more money selling it on the real estate market with a licensed Realtor. Cash transactions are fast, easy, and can solve your problem with little stress. You may make more money formally listing it for sale, but the process will take longer and comes with certain risks as well.

What if Our Cash Offer is Not What You Need?

If you feel you would benefit most from listing your home on the market rather than accepting a cash offer from us or our network of investors, we can pursue that route as well.

Ultimately, we want to be known as problem solvers and help you make the most money for your home while alleviating your stress.

If you would rather list it on the market, Mason Kiffmeyer is an award-winning agent and can guide you through the process every step of the way.

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If we can help you sell your home, whether off-market to a cash investor or on market with a real estate agent, please feel free to contact us by calling, emailing, or filling out the form below. We will be in touch with you promptly!


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